"Who else needs to be more confident listening to and speaking English?"

If you said "Yes!", then I have something that will help you improve.

Why do you want to be more confident listening to English?

  • Do you want to live in an English speaking country so need to communicate more effectively?
  • Do you need to communicate effectively in English in your work?
  • Do you want to study in an English speaking country and need to understand more?
  • Are you studying English at school and want to improve your grades?
  • Do you know lots of grammar but need to activate your language to communicate?
  • Or perhaps you just want to do it for fun?

Dear Caroline Brown,
I'm writing to express my gratitude towards your helpful exercises given  to me. I'm a under-graduate student from Vietnam and my major is foreign trade. I need to improve my command of English not only in general fields but in business English as well. And once again, I want to say that your exercises prove to be very valuable and practical to me.
Yours truly,


Whatever your reasons are, this innovative course has been designed so that you will make great progress really FAST.

I developed English Partner Listening to be the easiest package to use at home, at work or in the car.

In this great package, you get:

  • Twenty complete listening lessons containing great examples of British English speakers speaking naturally in a wide variety of contexts. This will help you to understand real English in the real world.

  • A complete self-study guide containing guided listening activities, vocabulary practice, all the answers and full transcripts of all the listening. This will help you to listen better and then will help you to use the new language and expressions you have come across.

It's a great way to study on your own in the place you choose and at the time you choose.

Dear Caroline,
Thank you for sending me a series of useful English practice exercises.
Actually, I am finding myself to have a continuous progression on my English listening and I also feel your exercises is very interesting. Finally, thank you for your kindness, patience and effort.


But that's not all. If you buy this package today, we will give you, as an absolutely free bonus, access to our online exercise pack.

  • Our online exercise pack gives you further listening practice in a fun, enjoyable and different way. This means you will get even more from the listening exercises.

I like the listening lessons very much. I  listen a lot times every day. Thanks sincerely,


By now you're probably wondering how much this is going to cost. I'm sure, like me, you've seen some learning English sites asking for hundreds of dollars for their lessons. I am not going to do that. My accountant wants me to sell this course for $47. I'm not going to do that either.

I am Hulya from Turkey. I'm English Teacher. Your listening lessons are very helpful for me. BEcause I'm not good at speaking and practical language. In university, we learn grammatical rules, literature but not speaking or listening.


For the next thirty days, I'm going to sell these lessons for only $27.

Dear Ms Caroline,

Thank you for your sending listening lessons to me. It is very interesting and
useful. Now, I am try to improve my listening and writing skill for involving Toefl or IELTS international exam. My purpose is to get above 550 or 5.5 score
in order that I can be qualified for English requirement when applying a
scholarship. Again, I am so greatful for your help.

Best regards

Duong Hoang Diem Chau


You get:

  • an mp3 file containing twenty complete listening lessons.
  • an e-book in pdf format containing guided listening activities, vocabulary practice, answers and full transcripts for the twenty lessons.
  • the password to access your free bonus online activities (on the front of the e-book)
  • complete instructions on how to download these files. (It's easy even if you've never done it before and if something goes wrong I'm here to help.)

In just a few minutes, you could be improving your understanding of real English with my listening lessons. All you have to do is to

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Hallo Caroline,

I want to thank you for the lessons, I work in France teaching English to adults
and your lessons are fun and a great help for my students. I use them every time
a student has listening problems. I am looking forward to the future lessons,
Thanks very much.   




If you haven't clicked and are still reading this, I suppose it's because you think that there is a risk. Well, let me take that risk away from you. I'm so confident that you'll enjoy and benefit from my lessons that I'm prepared to fully guarantee them. Try out my lessons for up to eight weeks and if you don't feel you've had excellent value for money, email me and I will give you a one hundred per cent refund.

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Lots of students have really benefitted from my lessons. I'm sure you will too.

caroline brown


Caroline Brown

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